Dusty Dell – Double Pens

At the very bottom of the garden and overlooking the wildlife pond you will find the block of 12 pens specifically set up for 2 or occasionally 3 pussy cats to share and keep each other company during their holiday with us. All the 12 pens are identical and have a larger outside run than the single pens. There is a full height door with pop hole at the bottom which leads into the living accommodation. This comprises of a raised sleeping area lined with vetbed with plenty of room for own beds, cushions or toys to make their stay that little bit more like home and where the tubular heater is located. There is a ramp linking the upstairs and downstairs with litter trays located on the bottom at the back of the pen, and food and water bowls nearer the door. All pop holes have their own bolt so in very cold weather and during cold nights pussy cats can be locked in their bedrooms to keep them warm and cozy as everything they could possibly need is with them.

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Inside The Double

Outside the Double

Outside The Double