The Burrow


Bourton House Cattery has many different pens for your treasured pet with our chalets being the most sumptuous and luxurious. For the real ‘pampered puss’

Chalets can sleep either the 1 pampered puss, up to 4 or 5 which don’t mind sharing! All the chalets have double bolted doors providing a safe “air lock” to enable entry and exit to keep the cats as safe and secure as possible.

About The Burrow

The Burrow is the last of the three chalets overlooking the top garden. It has a slightly smaller outside run area but is still of very similar size to its neighbours, Nut House and Mouse House. Burrow still has enough room for a chair complete with cushion for those warm relaxing summer days with a “look-out” shelf for spying on everyone as they walk by. An open cat flap (or for us humans, a split barn type door) leads through into the sleeping area complete with wall heater, which has a raised sleeping sleeping area together with a two storey bunk bed covered in soft, warm, snuggly cushions and blankets. Litter trays are located underneath with the designated feeding area near the door.

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The Burrow

Inside the Burrow

Inside The Burrow